The CLARIFY registry (ProspeCtive observational LongitudinAl RegIstry oF patients with stable coronary arterY disease) is the first international, and the largest, registry designed to increase knowledge and understanding of stable coronary artery disease (CAD).

The study will be approved by local institutional review boards and all patients give informed consent in accordance with national and local guidelines.

Overall, the main objectives of the new international and largest registry in stable CAD outpatients are :

1. To characterize contemporary stable CAD outpatients and provide important data on:

– The demographic and clinical profile of the stable CAD outpatient population
– Current treatment in daily practice, adherence to guidelines and evidence-based practice
– The changing patterns of stable CAD management during the registry follow-up
– Variations in management of CAD patients according to geography, type of physician, patient characteristics
– Thus to identify gaps between actual practice and evidence

2. To determine long-term prognostic factors in this group of patients including the role of resting heart rate, with a view to developing a risk prediction model.

This information will help to improve the management of patients with CAD.